The Fantasy Book Club


Gods and monsters, dragons and magic… It’s just fiction, right? Antisocial student librarian Fiona isn’t convinced that’s true. Turns out, belief in magic is all it takes to make you a target, but believing in others is the only way to survive.

The Fantasy Book Club is a character-driven drama webcomic in a supernatural setting. Created by The Evil Nae with editing assistance from Eric Murphy and Matthew Main. The comic updates every Saturday. Members of The Evil Nae’s Patreon receive updates anywhere from a week to two months early depending on schedule.

Contains: LGBT+ characters, swearing, scenes of violence/blood, and portrayals of mental health disorders

Ways to read

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I started writing this story as a fantasy novel when I was 16 years old (more than 15 years ago for anyone who wants to do some math). In high school, I spent so much time in the library just devouring fantasy books. The person I became is without a doubt because of the stories I loved growing up. The Fantasy Book Club was always a love letter to those books. Then college and life happened and I stopped making time to create things for myself and this story fell into a dusty old file. It was always in the back of my mind but I never made it a priority. Then in 2020 everything I had been building fell apart. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Until I opened an old file and found the Fantasy Book Club waiting for me to pick it back up and start it again with a new medium, passion, and perspective. It is inspired by my unwavering love of fantasy worlds and how a love for those worlds can affect the kind of person you will become under pressure. I also explore themes of sexuality, mental health, and ancient mythology because those are things I care about.

The Characters

Fiona Standish

Age – 19, college Sophomore

Height – 5’5″

Major – Library Science

Background – Grew up in the area. Works as an Assistant Librarian at Crossroads University.

Fantasy Book Club Affiliation – None

Tristan Talwar

Age – 20, college Sophomore

Height – 5’11”

Major – Pre-Med

Background – Also from the area, Tristan’s father is an emergency surgeon at the local hospital.

Fantasy Book Club Affiliation – President/Founder

Eremis Veil

Age – 21, college Junior

Height – 6’

Major – Psychology

Background – Eremis is at Crossroads University on a scholarship she earned after aging out of the foster care system.

Fantasy Book Club Affiliation – Vice President