Major Projects

Game Inventory Icons

Lacuna Passage

Lacuna Passage
A co-op exploration and survival saga set on Mars. Play through mankind's first attempt to colonize the stunningly beautiful and harsh red planet. Created by Random Seed Games
Inventory Icons
I had the opportunity to work with Random Seed to create the icons used in the inventory system of the indie game.

Creative Director

Kingdom of Wizardry

In 2019 I served as the creative director and designer for a fantastic event called the Kingdom of Wizardry. The event gave our visitors a Harry Potter-like experience where they participated participated in magical classes, went on quests, and tried to solve the mystery of the evil Lord Darkstone.

I wore a lot of hats to in order to make this event happen. Including (but not limited to): managing staff, scriptwriting, graphic design, marketing, and maintaining a budget.