Project Spotlight: The Proposal

Greetings all!

I’ve recently had to redo my website, again. This is occurence number three if anyone is counting. In the process I lost my previous blog posts, well the 4 blog posts I had from almost two years ago… I don’t have a very impressive record with maintaining these things do I?

Anyway, in this new iteration of trying to keep up with a blog relating to my design and illustration work I thought it would be fun to do a spot light of fun projects I have done. In these galleries I will tell you a bit about the project and the process it went through. I’ll also share some of the sketches and the final product.

Sarah in her Harley Quinn Cosplay

On that note, this Project Spotlight is on a very special comic book project I did over a hear ago now. It all started when Erik, a guy who at the time I knew very little about other than he was dating my best-friend-since-childhood, emailed me. And Erik had a secret. He was going to propose to Sarah but he wanted it to be special and super unique to her, and Sarah loves Harley Quinn and the Joker. Honestly in many ways Sarah is Harley Quinn. So Erik wanted a short custom comic with a letter hidden in each panel spelling out “Will you marry me?”. The plan was for me to call her on Skype and ask here too look at it (without the front and back cover) and let me know if she could pick out the hidden message my unnamed “client” had asked me to hide. Once she figure it out Erik would pull out the ring and pop the question on camera.

But first I had to draw the comic. Which honestly was one of the biggest project I had ever taken on up to that point. I had been drawing my weekly webcomic for sometime but it’s a cartoon and in comic strip form. Not full comic pages. So I was pretty nervous going into this. I started with a script; a simple story line in which to hide the message. Once that had Erik’s approval it was on to the sketches!

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Since I had never done a comic with full-page spread that is how it decided to sketch it out, which was definitely a learning experience in layout. Also, I ended up having to re-sketch several panels later in the process because I didn’t give them enough attention the first time around. Again, there was a lot of growing in this one.

Once Erik gave me the go ahead it was on to the inks and colors as well as the cover! Once again I had them set up as spreads from the get go. While this made planing easier the Photoshop files were HUGE!

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At last it was time to put it all together with the dialogue, some design and layout additions. You can see the finally pdf of The Proposal here. It was then printed out for the happy couple as a keepsake, because of course she said yes! One of the first thing I thought when Erik told me his whole scheme was “Yes… you are deserving of my Sarah.” Seriously, I don’t give my Minions up to just anyone.

Sarah and Erik
Sarah and Erik

Congratulations you two! Can’t wait for the big day!

Well that’s all for this project spotlight… until next time!